About Dr. J Chakravorty

A Leading Specialist in Mind Coaching & known for developing innovative strategy to maximize transformative personal leadership growth in the field of sports, entrepreneurial achievements, building dynamic educational & administrative enterprises & business success.

Dr. J Chakravorty(JC) is a mind scientist & leadership expert with Ph.D in Psychology, MBA & Master in NLP & Hypnosis. Attended various program in Institutes like IIM, ISB, Dale Carnegie Institute of Leadership. Learned the science of peak performances from the International Gurus like Dr. Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiosakey & many others.

As speaker he shared his views with leading personalities including Ex President of India. Addressed in leading award functions for National Business Development & start up initiatives, Educational Institutes, Govt Administrations, NGO & Spiritual Institutes.

Conducted workshops & training across the country & his seminar is attended by eminent International personalities right from Industrialist, Film start, Sports person & UNESCO representatives, Students, Medium & Small scale Industry peoples.

A highly regarded & appreciated ICF certified coach for deep impact in personal & organizational transformation & result. An humble learner in journey of Life – he created a deep & lasting impact in his transformative seminars.